martial arts knoxville

Kids Martial arts program, World champion Samuel Braga teaching Gracie Jiu jitsu and making champions in life on and off the mats.

martial arts knoxville

GB Kids martial arts program, Aside from preparing your child to deal with bullies, the other objective of the Gracie Barra Bullyproof Knoxville TN program is to instill in your child the character traits that will lead to success in all areas of life.

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"God answered our prayers by both healing Luke and miraculously leading us to Samuel Braga, a six time world champion. Samuel has tremendously helped build Luke's strength and endurance by grappling on the ground, guard, mount, pulling, gripping, running, jumping, etc. I could see month by month Luke getting stronger and more confident. Six months later, Luke was able to take off his braces and throw them in the garbage at Samuel's school and is getting around perfectly fine. Just in time for the summer, when kids would notice Luke's braces and make comments."
Ed Hodas